We know you’re wondering what trends in hip hop you’ll need to be aware of in 2019. Here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the crowd.

Mumble Rap is Here to Stay

Mumble rap started around 2017, and it’s not going anywhere. The older generation passes it off as a reductive trend, but Z-ers beg to differ. It’s also known as soundcloud rap.

New Streaming Players?

Spotify and Apple might lose their dominance of the streaming landscape. Google Music will get progressively stronger, and all three will face stiff competition from Amazon. Hence, stay alert and always be on the lookout for original and cheaper ways to get your favorite hip hop artists’ songs.

Experiential is in

Many artists embraced the idea of experimenting in hip hop, and we expect this trend to continue. Big brands like Heineken and Red Bull are opening new routes to creating experiential music and a lot of other corporations will follow in their footsteps, making deals with emerging hip hop artists.

Southern Rap

Boosie’s wildly successful music has contributed to the south’s important role in hip hop, and the sound of the south will definitely be contributing to genre developments in 2019.

Asian Hip Hop

One of the pioneers in Asian hip hop was the Far East Movement a few years ago, and there’s no end in sight to this trend. One important new artist is Awkwafina with her unique style of NY-Asian hip hop.

Fewer words, more feelings

Finally, the main trend in new hip-hop music is the turn to more emotive and visceral means to communication as opposed to the conventional approach of deep lyrics, favored by older hip hop artists. Rappers such as XXXTentacion and 6ix9ine introduced a new rapping style and behavior that is disturbing to some and appreciated by others, and it’s here to stay.