Why Choose Animated Explainer Videos Over Live Action

//Why Choose Animated Explainer Videos Over Live Action

An business entrepreneur who makes impulse decisions will count some risks that will cut on anticipated rewards. A few case studies have shown that a myriad of companies employs animated explainer videos which work just like magic for them. Up to 59% of marketers use animated explainer videos to sell their products and services. This could be true but of the 19% of marketers that use live action to market their products also have a positive reason why their decision to use live action explainer videos stand. These facts will leave some entrepreneurs with questions which of the two is good, especially for startups. Here are reasons that will leave you with no doubts when choosing to produce animated explainer videos over live-action videos, whether you have a big or small company.

Less Cost High Conversion

A good professional animated explainer video would be advantageous because it costs less. For startups, a tight budget at hand makes it itchy while at the same time trying to sell and explain their products and services thus animated explainer videos are their ideal choice.  The animated explainer videos yield rocketing results with up to 64% conversion increase that eventually builds up your business’ revenue.  When choosing a production company to create your animated explainer video, put in mind one that will relatively offer a reasonable price tag. Comparatively, live action explainer videos are costly because of the cost of the crew, actors, and location.

Focuses on the Brand Story

Imagination comes in handy when creating an animated explainer video. Your video is built as you imagine it, to fit your audience and the kind of products and services you are offering. Compared to action videos which require resources such as camera and equipment, location and stage, lights, actors, and crew that one has to pay for, animated explainer videos focuses more on telling the brand story. You don’t need to get overwhelmed by the resources live action explainer videos require rather put much of your efforts on telling the story of your brand.

High Possibility of Being Watched

Most people will associate well with animated explainer videos since it is closely related to entertainment. In the past, many people enjoyed watching cartoons that is why when one sees an animated explainer video; a natural command from your brain will tell them to watch it. Most adverts are produced using live action, especially in television commercials. This may make your viewers associate a live action video with adverts, which could be overlooked by prospective buyers of your products and services who hate TV Ads.

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