The Top Porn Stars That Have Appeared In Hip Hop Videos

Music videos are becoming increasingly popular and almost essential to the promotion and popularity of songs. In black music genres like Hip Hop and RnB, the use of sexy women and models, dubbed “video vixens” is pretty much the norm to make music videos more appealing.

If you have a sharp eye (or are just plain horny) then you’ve probably noticed some of our favorite porn stars in many popular music videos. You don’t need to look as far as Youporn to find them.

Dasha in Music

Having porn stars in music videos isn’t a new idea, neither is it an underground phenomenon. Legendary pop star Madonna; known for her explicit and suggestive lyrics featured Czech porn star Dasha in the video for her song “music”.

2Pac’s How Do You Want It

Hip hop icon 2Pac made waves with the video for “how do you want it” featuring not just one, but five porn stars in this pioneering hip hop video long before the days of easy access to porn videos on the internet.

Sasha Grey with Eminem

Speaking of hip hop legends, Eminem featured porn stars in a staggering five (four if you don’t count Paris Hilton) videos with Sasha Grey having to put her acting skills to use in more than porn videos when she appeared opposite Slim Shady in the 2011 video “Space Bound”.

Skin Diamond with B.O.B

Sex sells and nobody does it better than porn stars. Many have found their way out of porn videos and into the music videos of some of the biggest stars. B.O.B and I seem to have similar tastes in porn stars as he featured the beautiful black porn actress Skin Diamond (who has gone on to pursue her own music career) and the equally stunning Allie Haze in his video for the song “John Doe”.

So next time you think that booty looks familiar, think again! It might be one of your favorite porn stars! I have painstakingly watched tons of videos (for research purposes of course) -both music videos and porn videos – and compiled a comprehensive list so you don’t have to ruin your search history (imagine having to explain why you searched for “black porn music videos” on Youporn.